Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Setback Due To Botched Schematics!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I tried to dry fit the walls on Saturday! As soon as I reached step 2 of wall assembly, I hit a major snag. Apparently, the diagram of the left wall (on sheet 11) was labeled incorrectly. As a result, there was a strip of exposed slots right under the ceiling.

So I had to redo the first floor wallpaper as well as fix the bottom part of the second floor. Note to self: contact Greenleaf and ask them to make the changes on their diagrams!

Some valuable tips I learned from this quandary:
  1. Do not paste the entire fabric to the wall if possible. Glue only along edges, so that if and when you need to pull out the fabric, it is easier to remove.
  2. Dry fit the parts before wallpapering to make sure the schematics are correct.
  3. Buy extra fabric ~ because chances are, mistakes will happen!

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