Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Lady by the Window

The first 10 seconds of the animation. I wanted to film it in daylight, but the light kept changing too much from frame to frame. So, I had to mimic daylight indoors. The lighting setup was 3 lamps outside the window: 1 daylight bulb, and 2 regular bulbs further away to create the warmer late afternoon highlights.

The movement isn't as smooth as I wanted it to be, but after 4 attempts, this is the closest I will get if I want to finish the animation this semester! In a way, there is something eerie about the jerky movements, and goes pretty well with the mood of the story.

I want to add an "aging" effect to this clip, to make it look like it is part of an old home video: a memory of the lady who died. The Windows Movie Maker's built-in effects are OK, but I feel the need to have better control of the parameters. I am still new at Adobe After Effects and Premiere, and am yet to find out how to create the effect.


elfkin said...

ooo, the excitement mounts!

smehreen said...

hihihi... :)
Hi Tara!