Sunday, March 9, 2008

This shot zooms in and rotates across the living room. Moving the camera has been a challenge in this project: even the tiniest camera move between frames is magnified and looks awfully shaky in the movie. The movie would have been a lot smoother if I used a video camera for plain camera pans and zooms; but they would not match the clips where the dolls themselves move using stop-motion.

At 30 fps (frames per second), the movement was extremely jerky. By stretching the movie clip to almost double its length, the motion became slower, and a lot less jarring to the eye. The color saturation of this clip is comparatively higher than the rest of the clips, but I left it as is for now. Once I arrange all the clips sequentially, I will see how the clips relate to each other before editing.

Although the room is very blurry in the clip, I spent a lot of time planning out the layout and decorations, and couldn't resist showing off this still photo from the set!

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