Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jointed Dolls

It's midnight and I am still up. Well, I am usually up at this hour anyway, but that's besides the point. Today I had to be up and at my computer because I was bidding on this pair of Heidi Ott jointed dolls. From the photos I have seen, these seem to hold their poses quite well ~ something that will be very important if I resort to stop-motion animation.

Heidi Ott dolls seem to be my best options right now. I mainly work on a 1:12 scale (1in. to 1ft.) when it comes to miniatures, and these dolls are perfect for this particular scale. Jointed Barbie dolls would probably work OK for stop-motion, but they are too big for the 1:12 scale background I am creating.

As for the bidding, no, I didn't win! :(

The dolls that I make myself are not jointed ~ not this detailed anyway. If I have to end up making my own dolls, I will have to give up on realistic movements for the dolls.

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